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Evelyne has the most amazing hair to work with - a gorgeous mane of naturally curly wildness! - Kerry-Lou Brehm, Pro Style Crew

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…all that and more, in Orphan Black.

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"Now to demonstrate your devotion to the Spice Girls, I understand that you have a gift, and I wanted to challenge you on this gift tonight… you are able to do what?" "Their autographs." [x]

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So i did this and forgot to look at the official site. Major fail.

Anyway I needed a new desktop wallpaper and didn’t see that it was on the official site so created Cosima’s laptop skin as close to the original as I could. Thought I’d share :)

1280x800  /  1366x768  /  1920x1080  /  2560x1440

Also put it up on Society6 if you want it as a laptop skin/iPhone cover.

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make me choose
felison asked: alison childs or sarah manning?

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Katy on how she decided to dye her hair ‘slime green’.

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Orphan Black Cast on LGBT representation



Évelyne Brochu:

I feel like sometimes fiction can reflect or even have an impact in social change and I think in this case it’s really true.

I mean for myself I am really proud to play a gay character whose real problem is not that she is gay. Which should not be for anybody.And I think that is what people really respond to.

We met the fans yesterday and I just feel how relieved that they feel that they can identify with such a couple that has other problems than being gay. You know what I mean?


Jordan Gavaris:

I think that raises a really good point. That these are characters, they are not going through, ironically, their idendity crises doesn’t come from their sexuality.

Their preoccupation, their soul preoccupation is not with who they are sleeping with. And that does not define them. We do not debase our characters, we do not play gay anymore than we would play white or we would play skincolour, eyecolour, haircolour or cancer. 

You play human. And human beings are messy and all encompassing and multifaceted and I think that is what people respond to. That they turn on the television and they don’t see the fact that these characters are gay being paraded around as a story point. They just are. And they are who they are and then the story comes later because like everybody else on the planet they are human and they have other problems.

And I think that is what the hook is.

Évelyne Brochu:
Wow.Well said.